Logo and collateral
E-commerce store
Environmental/Display Design
Planned and built a booth from scratch to showcase products at the National Stationery Show in NYC. All that was provided was pipe and drape. The challenge was also to design the booth, furniture and products to be shipped on a 4' pallet and assembled without the use of power tools at the show (due to union restrictions).
Pre-Show Mailers
Marketing mailers sent out to current and prospective wholesale accounts to promote our presence at the tradeshow. I designed these mailers and business cards to be screenprinted with one color, black, and then I applied finger swatches of screenprinting ink to create a unique and one of a kind mailer and card that speaks to what we do. 
Product Catalog
Designed and printed to be handed out to retailers at the tradeshow. Contains entire line along with product info and skus, synopsis of the brand, terms/policies, hero images, and a tie-in to the pre-show mailers with the ink dob concept.
Product Design
Greeting Cards
Assorted greeting cards, designed and hand screenprinted for The Paper Cub Co.
States Postcards
Flat postcards for all 50 states (including D.C.). Each one custom to the state, hand-sketched and screenprinted.
Notepads for The Paper Cub Co. The one in the center features neon pink edge painting.
Art Prints
Hand illustrated and screenprinted art prints for The Paper Cub Co.
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